The Mozart Season
Henry Holt, 1991, ISBN 978-0805015713 (hardcover)
Square Fish, 2007, ISBN 978-0312367459 (paperback)

Reviews (continued)

“With the same thoughtful attention to original characterization that we saw in Probably Still Nick Swansen (1988), Wolff now offers a book for a slightly younger audience. Allegra, 12, describes the summer she spends preparing for a prestigious young musicians’ competition in her home state of Oregon. A luminously realized character, Allegra is gifted not only musically but in her sensitive, intelligent responses to events—an authentic range of joy, anger, and terror that are both characteristic of her age and unique to her. Her season of discovery—of Mozart, her own roots, and the creative balance between life's traumas and trivia—marks a fine achievement. —Kirkus Reviews, pointer

“Virginia Euwer Wolff's novel, The Mozart Season, which gathers strength as it progresses, offers intriguing glimpses into the life and work of professional musicians (the author is a violinist herself) while unpretentiously exploring age-old philosophical questions. The ending is quite satisfying. There are no pat answers, but Allegra is a much more mature person at the end of the Mozart season than she was at the beginning.” —Entertainment Weekly

“The story has the suspense and conflict and terror of all good performance stories. It has the fuel of a survival adventure. Not only musicians, but any kid who’s really into science, sports, theater, writing, art, chess, will recognize the concentration, the drudgery, the dailiness, and the imaginative leap into the unknown.” —Booklist, focus review

“How a 12-year-old girl spends the summer months mastering a piece of music written by a 19-year-old boy centuries before is the basis of a sturdy, engrossing novel.”   —New York Times Book Review

The Mozart Season
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