flowers and music  

Ten-year-old Diana, in quarantine in Rome, is reading La ragazza col violino, the Italian edition of The Mozart Season, in springtime. Here she is with her violin. Thanks to Diana for this lovely photo! 

Enjoy this interview about The Mozart Season in Bookology. My thanks to Melanie Heuiser Hill for the intriguing questions.

Susan Monteiro at Monteiro Studio interviewed me for her podcast about The Mozart Season.

flowers and music   Virginia’s summertime flings:
floral and musical

From Virginia:

Not so long ago we had a U.S. President whose wisdom and humility allowed him to love and learn from reading books.
He sent us that signal.

What do we do, then?
Select a book, then another book
about insects, about locomotives,
about oceans and music and magic.
Take books to bed with us,
give a book to a child, then another child.

Find a child who’s hungry and tired, searching for a home, give that child a book full of pictures, give us all books full of pictures of insects, locomotives, oceans, of song and invention and kindness.

Barack Obama shared lists of his favorite books.
They were of adventure, of trekking among ideas,
of the long climb toward truth,
of the comfort of laughter and home.

Let's rejoice that books exist. For all ages and kinds.
Let’s read and make books. More.

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