An Interview with Don Gallo, About My Writing:

Don Gallo: Most writers of books for teenagers publish a book every year, some even more frequently. You average more than three years between books—with Bat 6 coming five years after Make Lemonade. Why such a long time?

Virginia Euwer Wolff: I'm a very slow writer, and evidently I like it that way. I take a long time to think things through; I'm just not a speedy thinker. (Eight months to find a name for the narrator of Make Lemonade is a really, really long time. I knew one would come to me, and one did. Verna LaVaughn got two names, my attempt at recompense to her for having to wait so long.) I have to go through a lot of wrong drafts before the right one arrives.

I also play the violin. I play eight or ten concerts a year with orchestras, and several more gigs with small chamber ensembles: weddings and private parties, mostly, and the occasional summer afternoon of music in a public park. Of course I have to practice at home, and the ensemble rehearsals are regular and demanding. And I take violin lessons sporadically. Thus the music part of my life becomes pretty time-consuming.

DG: No matter how long it takes, your diligent work has paid off, judging from the honors that have been heaped on all of your books. Do those honors give you encouragement to write your next book or do they place more pressure on you to perform?

Don Gallo, who hosts a website called Authors4Teens, published an interview with Virginia in 2000, before the publication of True Believer in 2001 and This Full House in 2009. Excerpts from that interview may be found here, as well as some newer material.

Virginia's violin
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