An Interview with Don Gallo: About My Studio

DG: Is your house in Oregon City as wonderful as the house in which you grew up?

VEW: Architecturally it was not remarkable when I bought it. The setting, however, was too seductive to walk away from. A tiny Jesuit retreat cottage snug among trees, with a fireplace and a creek flowing past at the bottom of the slope: I made an offer the minute I walked in the front door.

Since then it's become more architecturally interesting because I've had two sets of additions. First, a dining room and another bedroom seven years ago, and now I've just had a beautiful new studio added to my house; I've been working in it less than a year. It's better than a dream come true, because dreams usually get distorted in transition to reality. It's a big rectangular room with lots of counter space, a whole wall of bookcases, a skylight, and two long walls of windows. It's surrounded by greenery: a mix of Douglas fir, Western red cedar, Oregon grape, big leaf maple, locust, and alder.

DG: That sounds gorgeous. In what part of the house do you do most of your writing?

Don Gallo, who hosts a website called Authors4Teens, published an interview with Virginia in 2000, before the publication of True Believer in 2001 and This Full House in 2009. Excerpts from that interview may be found here, as well as some newer material.

My garden with Western red cedar trees in the background
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